Support us!

  • Help us with the running of server!
  • Activate VIP and get access to VIP commands and other content.
  • For activation of VIP you can use PayPal, SMS (anavaible only in Czech Republic) or other payment method.
  • VIP RANK can be achieved by donating in-game items (talk with admins about it).
  • Activation of one VIP, will get you VIP on all of our servers!

Activation of VIP trough PayPal!

  1. Click on DONATE.
  2. Choose ammount - e.g. VIP for 4 weeks — $3 (cca 72 Kč).
  3. Write your STEAM ID.
  4. Click on button donate.
  5. Check informations.
  7. You will be redirected on, where you will finish payment on
  8. Please wait before the transaction is processed.
  9. Now you can enjoy VIP on all of our servers!

Activation of VIP trough SMS (only available in Czech Republic)!

  1. Connect to one of our servers.
    During the entire activation of VIP, you must be connected to the server!
  2. Send SMS in following format. (nick) = your in-game name
    e.g.   PM(gap)VIPX3(gap)TFplayer
  3. Please wait before the SMS is processed.
  4. If the data you sent are processed correctly, you will receive a confirmation message.
  5. Now you can enjoy VIP on all of our servers!
Country Price On time Number Text SMS
Czech Republic 50 Kč 2 weeks 9033350 PM VIPX1 (nick)
Czech Republic 99 Kč 4 weeks 9033399 PM VIPX2 (nick)
Czech Republic 149 Kč 7 weeks 90333149 PM VIPX3 (nick)
Czech Republic 199 Kč 10 weeks 90333199 PM VIPX4 (nick)
Service technically provides Airtoy a.s. Reclamation of payment, 9 AM to 5 PM whole week, Contact on owner:

VIP benefits

  • !tt - Open up menu of taunts you can use!
  • !unusuals - Open up menu where you can choose unusual effects!
  • !unusual - Open up menu where you can choose special unusual effects!
  • !resize!resizemyhead!resizemyhands!resizemytorso!resizeresetme - Resize your self, head, hands, torso or reset your size with the last command!
  • !robot - Be the robot!
  • !dark - Change your model colour to black!
  • !swapme - Change your team without limits!
  • !color - Special color of playermodel!
  • !fs - Opens a menu with "Halloween Footprints"!
  • You will get access to instant respawn!
  • Killing a player will turn them into golden statues (only stock weapons).
  • You'll get a reserved slot, so you can join server even if it's full (use console - connect [ip])!
  • You can spam voice commands!
  • You will have collored chat!
  • You will have more: Jarates, Balls, Metal!
  • You will get a [VIP] tag!
  • On spawn you will get 50% ubercharge as medic!
  • You will get Health Boost For Kills & Assists!
  • You can use "Fly Around With Pyro" & "BunnyHop"!
  • You will get bigger "Clip Size"!

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